Designing in different mediums, Architectural Built Environments, Metalwork Objects, and Original Photographic Imagery, while striving for similar results.


In all of Melissa Mather’s work, she considers factors that are
specific to the design situation, Context + Needs, to then develop a
Design Parti. With a Parti in place, supporting Details and selection of
Materials can be pursued. Finally, returning back to the Parti to assess
the Design Concept has been manifested.

The selection of the appropriate materials is critical, not just from
the prospect of functionality and life cycle, but also from the
qualities that sing from those materials. Is it solid and cold or
translucent and glowing, does it have sound when walked upon? These
properties speak in the space and are heard by it’s inhabitants.

For the STUDIO good design is good for the Users. The
Space, the Object, or the Image improves and enhances the
user’s Life.