Projects Unbuilt
Spatial consideration and detailing in appropriate materials are all considerations when commissioning Melissa Mather for a Graphic Installation in your Built Environment.

The STUDIO’s images, along with today’s technology, can be incorporated
into different substrates + printed at various scales.

These scenarios are only the beginning of what can be realized for your environment.

Red As Texture, Record No. 3409

  • Unbuilt
  • Vibrant and full of life, the proposed installation has overall dimensions of 20’-0” long and 8’-0” high in a room with a 12’-0” ceiling. Graphic is repeated on 4-0” W by 8’-0” H panels.
  • Materials: Laminated Low Iron Glass with “DuPont SGP” printed interlayer of Photo BYMelissaMather, LLC, Stainless Steel Mounting Frame in Satin Finish

Cyanatone, Record No. 7483

  • Unbuilt
  • Macro image exhibiting hydrangea petals in a laminated matte finish resin panel gives a sublime completion to the interior. By rotating + repeating the image, it develops into another composition. Panels are in varying sizes on a wall having overall size of 16’-0” long by 8’-0” high.
  • Materials: Matte Finish Non-Toxic Resin Panels Laminated with Printed Film, Photo BYMelissaMather, LLC, Anodized Aluminum Frame and Support Hardware

Peace Wall, Record No. 0541

  • Unbuilt
  • Reflective glass brings the Viewer and the Space into the Graphic. Overall installation size of 24’-0” long by 10’-0” high within a room having a 12’-0” ceiling. Graphic is subdivided into varying heights and framed in a pre-manufactured wall system.
  • Materials: Proposed System using “Forms & Surfaces LevelE with Capture Frame”, Inset Material with Photo BYMelissaMather, LLC, in Low Iron Laminated Glass.

Selected substrate material and printing process will affect overall dimensions for each Specific Project