Art’s task lies in giving free expression to nature, not imitating it.
Honore de Balzac – Writer

Beauty in Simple Things. Look in the Object.
Look through the
Object. Look past the Object.

We emphasize on a subject’s natural beauty and then present it in
photographic medium. Our work is shot in both natural exterior
environments and controlled studio environments.

Our work is primarily shot with a Macro Lens. This method alters the
subjects’ typical recognizable scale and thus alters the viewer’s
perception of the subject.

BYMelissaMather, Original Photographic Works, are captured by
husband and wife, Rich Wagner + Melissa Mather. Together, they travel
North America, Europe, and Asia, adding to their collective studies of
color and of texture through Digital Photographic Imagery.

Contact Melissa Mather STUDIO for new Project Opportunities with
Original Photographic Works BYMelissaMather.