Project 821 Facade Entryway Contrast + Balance between feminine woodwork lines and masculine brick coursing. Gentle professional cleaning of existing brick facade and marble stairs while remaining small amounts of aged carbon to respect the age of the property.

Idea was to gently restore the existing facade and bring the entryway back to the scale appropriate for the house and the elevation of the tree lined block.

Project 821  |  Facade Entryway  |  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  |  2009

The door’s scale now fills the entire existing masonry
opening bringing the Entry back to the appropriate
proportions for this wider three-story townhome. Owner’s
desire to have a single leaf door in this grand opening lead
us to the design of this oversized 44″ wide door in
beautiful mahogany. Feminine lines exhibited in existing
unglazed terra cotta details on the facade influenced the
arched glass lites. The woodwork is fluid and the ornate
floor tile provides balance between curved lines to the
repetitive standard brick coursing. Natural beauty of grain
creates pattern on door within a reproduced new exterior
frame in mahogany. The interior wainscot height beckons to
being a collective part of the historic urban

Sunlight dapples cast glass lites while providing privacy
in the evening at the interior Vestibule doors. The STUDIO
completed the lighting design for entire house. The wrought
iron rail is curved and plays off motifs in existing grates
and arcs of door. The owner’s love of color and pattern
allowed the use of antique caustic flooring and a brilliant
blue hue on the ceiling. Interior color palette of the home
was concluded with the completion of the Entryway.

Materials: Santos Mahogany, Reclaimed French Encaustic
Tiles, Cast Glass, Custom Ironwork with Powder Coat Finish,
Plaster, Solid Cast Brass Hardware, Restored c. 1915
Lighting Fixture

Photography by Tom Crane Photography, Inc.

Builder Kenneth Beeler Carpentry