Working on philosophy – perhaps like working on architecture – is
essentially rather work on oneself, on one’s views, on how one sees
things and what one demands of them.

Ludwig Wittegenstein – Philosopher

Melissa Mather is an architect and designer.

Melissa Mather created the STUDIO to use her knowledge of
Architecture to bring environments and designs to her clients that are
beautiful yet functional while remaining within her values of being
socially responsible.

Melissa Mather, AIA,
has been practicing architecture since 1997. Prior to the realization of
the STUDIO, Melissa Mather had the good fortune of working for several
architectural and engineering firms. While part of those firms, she was
an Associate and a Project Architect. Melissa Mather’s past involvements
included collaborating with significant American architecture firms,
European consultants, innovative British Structural Engineers, and world
ranked German Special Skin Fabricators.

Melissa Mather believes that regardless of the scale of a project,
Open Communication is essential. Exchanging of ideas between the
Designer, the Owner, and the Craftspeople, aid in making simple concepts
into realities.

Melissa Mather’s observations and being able to extract needs from
the unexpressed words of users make her designs fulfilling to those who
have the opportunity to use and to inhabit her Designs.